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Express your fabulous style with a shower or party invitation.

Your Shower or Party Invitations. Invitations do more than invite and inform guests—they express your fabulous style and set the tone for one of your most exciting events ever! We understand how personalized you want your invitations to look and feel.

Whether it’s a shower or a surprise birthday for a good friend of yours, there is a lot of fun in presenting the invitation. And the choices are plentiful: colorful, playful, themed, or simple and sweet.  There are so many occasions to celebrate in life and we have an exciting array of options for you to invite your guests to do just that!

Together in my Weston studio, we can create the perfect invitations that are uniquely you.

We’ve proudly served Connecticut for over 28 years by providing brides with unforgettable invitations. Take a look at our Reviews to see past clients we have served in the area that have been delighted with our services.

We’d love to work with you on your invitations.

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